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Ultra Low NOx Burner: Everything You Should Know

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With the ever-changing regulations in the energy field, operating a boiler gets much more complicated. You are allowed to use one thing today and tomorrow it will be banned. But while the regulations keep changing with time, there is one thing that is consistent with the boiler/furnace technology. The researchers are driving their work to ensure that there is a minimum amount of Nitrogen Oxide emission.

That’s why the ultra low NOx burner is widely used in all kinds of industries. From crude oil refinery (where the low NOx burner is used as the process burner) to the pharmaceutical processing plant, the low NOx burners are used in various fields. So, you must be wondering what does it mean by NOx and how it useful for the environment.

What is NOx?

the NOx is one reason to cause air pollution

NOx is the symbolic form of Nitrogen Oxide which belongs to a family of toxic and reactive greenhouse gases. It is a common byproduct of combustion as whenever fuels are burned at high heat, nitrogen oxide is produced in a large quantity.

That is the main reason why governments and Authorities all over the world have put a particular set of regulations to minimize the emission of this gas. The exposure to this gas can result in:

  • Smog and acid rain
  • Ground-level ozone
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Decreased water quality
  • Global warming

Well, it surely doesn’t sound good. Thus, the emission of this gas has to be reduced under all circumstances. But where does NOx come from? In general, NOx comes from three primary sources:

  • Thermal NOx which results due to high-temperature combustion. It is the main contributor to the emission of NOx at an alarming level.
  • Prompt NOx which emits when Nitrogen binds itself to fuels.
  • Fuel-bound NOx is not associated with natural gas.

How do Ultra Low NOx Burners operate?

As you might have gotten an idea of how much harm the burners can cause to the environment. But to overcome this limitation, scientists have designed special ultra-low NOx burners that can manage and optimize the fuel and air mixing which occurs inside the burners and boilers. As the process is optimized, a large and much more balanced flame is created which reduces the peak flame temperature and hence a minimal amount of NOx is produced.

the principle of a low NOx burner technology is air staging combustion

At the same time, the flame structure also works to reduce the oxygen supply to the hottest part of the flame. This not only improves the efficiency of the burner but also decreases the risk of production of NOx. The process is successfully attained in three different stages:

  • Combustion takes place in a fuel-rich environment that lacks oxygen. The deficiency of oxygen supply ensures that NOx is not formed.
  • As the temperature is reduced, hydrocarbons react with the NOx and create a reducing atmosphere.
  • The NOx is produced in the last stage when the internal air staging finishes. Still, the amount of NOx produced can be further minimized by facilitating the combustion process in an environment which has clean air.

Advantages of Ultra Low NOx Burners

As you can see, as an industrial burner, almost every move is made to ensure that the amount of NOx produced in the burners and boilers is reduced somehow. The industries use cutting-edge methods and state-of-art technology to do the job. Some improvements are made in the burners and boilers efficiency which can significantly enhance the heat profile and combustion efficiency inside the chamber.

So, if you are choosing an ultra-low NOx burner, you are getting the following benefits:

  • Lower significant amount of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide emissions.
  • Ensure that the facilities follow the local EPA requirements and the government policy for the benefit of humans and all other living beings on this planet.
  • It will help your industry to avoid costly fines which are imposed on every single crude oil refinery, hospital, a pharmaceutical company, and all other industries that use burners and boilers.
  • The ultra-low NOx boilers don’t require any additional ductwork. Thus it will save space too.
  • The more efficient burners and boilers require big investments. Fortunately, the low NOx burners improve your return on investment by increasing energy efficiency.
  • The ultra-low NOx burners are very low maintenance as it is explained in the documentation and proven by the testing. Thus, it improves product quality too.

If you also want to experience the benefits of ultra-low NOx burners, then you should find a reliable manufacturer and distributor. There are so many interrelated elements that need to be considered when you are making a purchase of an ultra-low NOx burner for your crude oil refinery or any other industry.  

ultra low nox burner in factory
low NOx burner used in oil refinery plant

Choosing a comprehensive burner retrofit project is very essential as it can put the reputation of your business and investment on a stake with just one mistake. Using reliable technology is the overall business standpoint. It should be safe within and for the people who will operate the burner. The people working in the engagement should also be protected well.

The industries can’t simply pry on specified regulations. They have to follow the integral rules carefully which will encompass the existing burner ancillaries.

The overall performance attribute of the ultra-low NOx burner matters a lot. Having a burner that is compatible with other fuels will be the best investment you can make. Consider all the factors that you will need in your industry and then pick out the type of burner that you can use. The motor, air/fuel ratio, bolster, and every small factor sums up to the efficiency you will get.

Using the specialized ultra low NOx burner that s efficient n modifying the fuel prior to combustion will be very useful for the industry. These burners are regenerative and recuperative. Plus, they are capable of increasing the heat transfer rate and decrease the flame temperature at the same time. It not only increases the furnace production rate but also improves thermal efficiency. All burner manufactured is tested properly to assure that they deliver the quality they promise.

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