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Sulfur Condenser

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Sulfur Condenser

The sulfur condenser is a piece of key equipment in a sulfur recovery unit.

The sulfur condenser belongs to the shell and tube boiler, which is a special type of heat exchanger. The main function of this equipment is to cool and condense the sulfur generated in the upstream reaction section. It is generally placed on the horizon

Design features of Ruichang sulfur condenser

  • The condenser uses a straight tube design with a partial tube joint, instead of a “kettle” structure.
  • Head prominent type tube.
  • Seal welding is used between tube and tube walls.
  • Independent condenser, but it is not part of the multi-condenser.
  • All condensers use a uniform diameter and length of pipe.
    The refractory material is used as entry material until the bottom of the minimum camp to ensure that the sulfur is free to fall off.
  • Install removable 304SS stainless steel wire mesh horizontally at all condenser outlets.
  • Fully open access to provide a path to the shell and the mist screen.
  • The sulfur channel at the bottom of the outlet pipeline adopts a steam jacket to collect the residual sulfur. The outlet on one side of the jacket leads to the sulfur discharge line at the valve.
  • The condenser tilts 1cm to the outlet per meter to facilitate the flow of sulfur in the pipeline.
  • The inlet end of the condenser should be fixed horizontally or restricted, but a saddle spring at the bottom for vertical motion.
  • Steam generation of 275 – 412kPa in the shell of all condensers. The final stage of the condenser produces 98.07 – 127 49kPa of low-pressure steam. It is not recommended to use the sulfur condenser as a preheater for feedwater of the boiler.
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