Tail Gas Incinerator Burner

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Tail Gas Incinerator Burner

The tail gas incinerator is used with an acidic gas incinerator, commonly as a carrier for residual H2S gas in acid gas incinerator flue gas, the temperature of the tail gas furnace is commonly at 650 ℃, requires a certain amount of fuel gas burner combustion to maintain the furnace temperature, so that the residual H2S gas completely oxidized to S02 before being discharged into the atmosphere.

The tail gas incinerator burner is generally divided into two types according to the inlet position of the tail gas. For the first type, tail gas comes in from the burner, for the second type, tail gas comes from the front of the incinerator. The two types of burners are different in structure and performance. 

The features of the tail gas incinerator burner

  • The tail gas enters from the burner and makes the structure of the incinerator simpler and the insulation integrity good. 
  • Although the tail gas enters from the burner, with a separate channel, which does not hinder the normal combustion of the fuel gas flame or impact the flame.
  • Through thermal calculation, flame path brick is installed in the furnace, it can pass the heat of the flame to tail gas, and raise the temperature of tail gas up to 150 ℃ or above, to avoid sulfur blockage in the exhaust nozzle under long-time use conditions, which affects normal operation. 
  • When the sulfur recovery treatment amount is greater than 5000t/a, it is necessary and possible to increase the secondary air mechanism. So that the tail gas can fully contact the air within the limited residence time in the furnace, ensure sufficient oxidation and meet the environmental requirements.
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