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Online Heat Furnace Burner

Online Heat Furnace Burner

The online heat furnace is mainly used to mix and heat the process gas of the sulfur recovery unit by burning fuel gas through the burner. The process gas is heated to the required temperature in the heating furnace and then sent to the subordinate reactor for a reaction.

The main feature of the online heat furnace burner is the sub equivalent combustion. It is also necessary that the oxidizing reaction is complete, and the combustion air is equivalent to 85% to 95%, in order to prevent the excess air to produce oxygen penetration, which has a greater impact on the subsequent reaction. After combustion, the excess oxygen content in the products is generally required to be lower than 1500ppm.

In order to prevent the generation of black sulfur due to incomplete combustion, the burner is usually equipped with steam inlet, and steam evenly passes into the flue gas to prevent the carbon black from precipitating.

In addition, the fuel gas is generally required to have a molecular weight of less than 33.