Acid Gas Reaction Furnace Burner

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Acid Gas Reaction Furnace Burner

This burner is mounted laterally at the end of the reaction furnace body.

After being sprayed out by the air spray gun of the acid gas burner, acid gas is pre-mixed with the forced vortex combustion air in the pre-mixed cone section of the burner and then injected into the furnace through the throat of the burner.

The most important feature of the sulfur recovery unit series burner is to ensure the high-intensity mixing of the acid gas and the combustion air in the high temperature reaction zone, thus achieving the following characteristics:

  • Long life of the catalyst bed;
  • Effectively removes the effects of impurities such as NH3 and heavy hydrocarbons in acid gas;
  • low corrosion to waste heat boilers/converters and condensers;
  • Improve the sulfur recovery rate;
  • Reduce maintenance costs for long hours of operation.
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