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Sulfur Recovery Unit EPC Project In Shanxi

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The first sulfur recovery unit EPC project of Ruichang has been a major success. We stand out from the numerous bidders such as Dutch Holland, mainly relying on independent and proprietary technology. All custom designs from the process package to the detailed design are completed by the company’s engineering design team.

We use the special sulfur recovery simulation software, combined with the company’s concept of “burning-energy-saving heat exchange” which has achieved the dual guarantee of performance indicators and energy conservation and environmental protection by signing cooperation agreements with well-known catalyst manufacturers and jointly applying for patents.

  • Custom-design: Specialized software of sulfur recovery, technical team, and process, equipment, piping, electrical instrumentation, structure and etc.
  • Manufacture: the equipment of sulfur recovery unit include burner, reaction furnace, waste heat boiler, catalyzing reactor, reheater, sulfur condenser, tail gas heat exchanger, catcher, and other devices.
  • Installation: The team optimizes the integration of resources and cooperates with the construction team.
  • Running-in: Full guidance of professional project team and technical team

The progress of sulfur recovery unit EPC

March 2017 the end of 2017 2018 19th, Nov 2018
Signs technical agreement Entry of equipment installation Feed material and start to manufacture
details of project
details of project

details of project
details of project
details of project
details of project
details of project
Sulfur Recovery Unit EPC
sulfur from the equipment
quality inspection report of sulfur dioxide
quality inspection report of sulfur dioxide
transportation of sulfur dioxide
transportation of sulfur dioxide
technology agreement and receiving report
technology agreement and receiving report

Up to now, the device has been running smoothly, and all operating parameters and performance indexes have reached the designed value.

operation of sulfur recovery unit
operation of sulfur recovery unit
operation of sulfur recovery unit
operation of sulfur recovery unit

What is sulfur recovery unit?

Sulfur recovery refers to a chemical process that converts sulfides in toxic sulfur-containing gases (such as hydrogen sulfide) into elemental sulfur, thereby turning waste into treasure and protecting the environment.

The sulfur recovery unit is mainly used for acid gas containing hydrogen sulfide produced in the refining process. In general, the sulfur recovery unit recoveries sulfur, achieve the goal of cleaner production, turn “waste” into wealth, reducing pollutants and Protection of the Environment. At the same time, to meet the quality requirements, reduce the corrosion, meet the requirement of long period safety production. In addition, with the increasingly expanding of sulfur applications and the price of sulfur, the sulfur recovery unit becomes not only the environmental protection device but the production equipment with immeasurable economic benefits.

Parts of sulfur recovery unit

  1. Heat Reactor Furnace: The heat reaction furnace is the core of sulfur recovery unit, and it controls many aspects, such as ignition, automatic operation, deep reaction, and high-temperature edulcoration.
  2. Burners for sulfur recovery unit: The burners for sulfur recovery unit include acid gas reaction furnace burner, acid gases directly incinerated burner, online heat furnace burner, and tail gas incinerator burner. It has a great influence on many aspects, such as conversion ratio of elemental sulfur; eliminate the bad effect of ammonium salt and other impurities, efficient and long-cycle operation of sulfur recovery unit.
  3. Catalyzing reactor: Catalyzing reactor realizes the catalytic combustion reaction process of the sulfur recovery unit. Sulfur recovery catalyst and catalyst blending technology are two applicable technologies.
  4. Waste heat boiler: The waste heat boiler is a fire tube boiler, and it has two main functions, including produce medium steam to recover high heat and cool the gas from 1300 ℃ to 315 ℃ in the process.
  5. Sulfur condenser: Sulfur condenser is also a necessary component of the sulfur recovery unit. It is used to cool condense the sulfur generated in the upstream reaction section.

Why we need sulfur recovery unit?

With the densification of imported crude oil and the continuous increase of sulfur content, the depth of processing and product quality requirements continue to increase and the environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict, the construction scale and designing technology of sulfur recovery unit also rises rapidly.

Sulfur has great harm in the process of processing. If the sulfur is not removed in time, it will seriously corrode the equipment and has a bad influence on the long-term operation of the device. At the same time, the presence of sulfur also seriously affects the quality of products, and countries have increasingly strict standards for sulfur content in oil products. Therefore, it is necessary to remove and recover the sulfur in the refining process.

The successful start of the Shanxi Tiefeng sulfur recovery unit represents the successful completion of the company’s first sulfur EPC project, marking an important step in the company’s transition from equipment to system projects, laying a solid foundation for future projects!

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