Ruichang 200,000 tons/year Sulfur Recovery Reactor Burner

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Development and Application of 200,000 tons/year Sulfur Recovery Reactor Burner

Luoyang Ruichang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in Sinopec’s “13th Five-Year” National Science and Technology Major Project “R&D of Key Equipment for High Sulfur Gas Fields”. The Si reactor burner was put into use in a gas field in Southwest China in December 2020.

Compared with the originally imported burner, various process performance parameters meet the expected requirements and meet the requirements of long-term, full-load continuous production operation of the device.

This project breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, provides valuable experience for the design, construction, and operation of the Claus reaction furnace of the super-large sulfur recovery unit in China, and provides technical support for the safe, efficient and stable operation of the super-large sulfur recovery unit.

On the basis of this good achievement, Ruichang will continue to participate in the follow-up technical research on the localization of major equipment, and make wonderful contributions to industrial development and technological progress.

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