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Explore advanced PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production technology and its application fields

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Oxygen plays a key role in industrial production as an indispensable element in life. It is not only necessary to maintain normal metabolism of organisms, but is also a key raw material in many industrial processes. As an important technical means, industrial oxygen production provides necessary oxygen supply for a variety of production processes, including metal smelting, chemical synthesis, and wastewater treatment. However, how to produce high-purity oxygen efficiently and stably has always been an urgent problem to be solved in industrial production.

PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption
PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption

In order to meet the demand for high-purity oxygen in industrial production, PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production technology came into being. The hydrogen PSA unit cost is also widely used. PSA technology has become an important pillar in the field of industrial oxygen production with its advanced separation principle and efficient gas processing capabilities. Based on the adsorbent’s selective adsorption characteristics of oxygen and nitrogen, it successfully solves the problem of difficult oxygen separation in the traditional oxygen production process. In today’s industrial oxygen production field, PSA technology has become a high-profile cutting-edge technology, leading the development trend in the industrial oxygen production field.

Basic principles and technical processes of PSA oxygen production

PSA oxygen production technology is an advanced technology that uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption to achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen. The basic principle is to use a special adsorbent molecular sieve to separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air through a pressure swing adsorption process by taking advantage of the different diffusion rates of nitrogen and oxygen on its surface. The specific process is as follows:

First, the raw air is compressed by the air compressor and enters the rear air storage tank. During this process, the oil, liquid water and dust in the air will be removed by the purification system to ensure the purity of the air.
Subsequently, the air purification system includes a cold dryer and several filters of different precisions and a degreaser. Through the steps of refrigeration, dehumidification and filtration, the liquid water, oil and dust in the compressed air are removed, so that the pressure dew point of the compressed air is reduced to 2 ~10℃, the oil content is reduced to 0.001PPm, and the dust is filtered to 0.01μm to ensure that the raw gas entering the PSA oxygen generator is clean.
After that, the purified air enters the two adsorption towers of the nitrogen generator, and realizes alternate adsorption and desorption through automatic switching, thereby separating most of the nitrogen and evacuating the nitrogen. After the oxygen is enriched at the top of the tower, it is transported to the back-stage oxygen storage tank, and then enters the gas consumption point after passing through the flow meter.

PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production-process
PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production-process

This technical process has the characteristics of simplicity, high efficiency, and energy saving. It uses oxygen generator equipment to have low energy consumption, low operating costs, high degree of equipment automation, fast gas production, and can achieve the advantage of unattended operation. In addition, PSA oxygen production technology has a compact structure, small footprint, and strong adaptability, making it one of the important technical means in the field of oxygen production.

Hydrogen PSA unit cost and advantages

Hydrogen PSA unit is a safe, convenient and energy-saving on-site nitrogen production method. It uses 21% oxygen contained in compressed air as raw material, and uses molecular sieve, the core material in pressure swing adsorption technology, to release the adsorbed nitrogen during the process of absorbing nitrogen and producing oxygen through the compressed air, thereby achieving repeated extraction of oxygen. In this process, the power consumption required by the oxygen generator is only 0.1 kilowatts, which is instrument-level power consumption.

Cost analysis of hydrogen PSA unit

When considering the cost of a PSA oxygen generator, there are many aspects to consider. The following are the major components and related factors of PSA oxygen equipment cost:

Energy cost: The hydrogen PSA unit consumes electrical energy as a power source. Therefore, the cost of electrical energy is an important expenditure in the oxygen production process. PSA oxygen concentrators generally have lower energy consumption, but actual energy costs depend on local electricity prices and energy consumption efficiency.

hydrogen psa unit
hydrogen PSA unit

Maintenance costs: Equipment maintenance and upkeep require certain expenses. This includes regularly replacing parts, maintaining equipment operating condition and maintaining equipment effectiveness. Maintenance costs depend on the frequency of use of the equipment, environmental conditions, and operating requirements.

Labor cost: Professional technicians are required to operate PSA oxygen generation equipment. Therefore, labor costs include things like operator wages, training costs, and management team costs. These costs are related to the size and complexity of the equipment.

Operating costs: Operating costs include transportation, storage and other operational overhead expenses. These fees may vary depending on logistics fees, warehousing costs, and other operational management expenses in your region.

Advantages of hydrogen PSA unit

Hydrogen PSA unit shows many advantages and characteristics. Through an in-depth analysis of its product advantages, it can be seen that the PSA oxygen concentrator has the following outstanding features:

1. Standard function configuration:

The molecular sieve filling adopts the “Snowstorm” method, and no addition is required for one-time filling, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the oxygen concentrator equipment.

The cold/hot start technology in the quick start function allows the PSA oxygen generator to quickly meet the requirements for oxygen production when starting, improving production efficiency.

Online display of various parameters and reserved data ports enables operators to understand the operating status of the equipment in a timely manner and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the controllability and adjustability of the production process.

PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen
PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen

The multi-functional comprehensive alarm system can monitor and alarm in real-time for key parameters such as purity and pressure, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

The unqualified product cutting/emptying function, according to the conditions set by the user, can effectively avoid the mixing of unqualified products and improve the quality qualification rate of the product.

The emergency stop control function ensures safety emergency measures in emergencies and improves the safety and stability of equipment operation.

2. Intelligent control configuration:

PC function and touch screen dynamic display and storage function make the operation of PSA oxygen concentrator more intelligent and user-friendly, improving the ease of use and convenience of the equipment.

The three-level password protection system effectively prevents misoperation and ensures the safety and stability of the equipment during operation.

The system has an online adjustment function for operating parameters, allowing operators to timely adjust and optimize operating parameters according to actual conditions, improving the flexibility and adaptability of the production process.

The PSA oxygen concentrator’s three-level maintenance reminder system effectively reminds the maintenance cycle and maintenance content of the equipment, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

3. Energy-saving control configuration:

PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production plant
PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production plant

PSA oxygen concentrator has significant advantages in energy saving. Its automatic shielding function effectively prevents interference from the external environment on the control system and ensures stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, the use of PDC function and VFC function enables the PSA oxygen concentrator to control energy consumption more intelligently and efficiently during the production process, improving the economic benefits and energy utilization efficiency of production.

4. Stable control configuration:

PSA oxygen generator shows high advantages in stable control. Its PID output function ensures the stability and controllability of the purity and flow of oxygen produced, improves the quality stability and consistency of the product, and is suitable for the oxygen production needs of many different industrial fields.

PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen production technology has become an important technical means in the oxygen production industry because of its safety, efficiency and energy saving. It has the advantages of strong flexibility, low production cost, and adjustable purity in the oxygen preparation process. As the demand for oxygen in the industrial and medical fields continues to grow, PSA oxygen production technology is expected to usher in broader development prospects. In the future, PSA technology is expected to further improve oxygen production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and make breakthroughs in intelligence and automation, thereby better meeting the demand for high-purity oxygen in different fields. Strengthening the R&D and innovation of PSA oxygen production technology and exploring more environmentally friendly and efficient oxygen production methods will bring more opportunities and challenges to the field of oxygen production in the future.

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