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White smoke cleaning system project

Application: boiler white smoke cleaning system

Capacity: Daily boiler exhaust gas volume ~9800Nm3/h, smoke temperature ~55℃.

Project Goal: The annual plume elimination rate is more than 90%.

This is a white smoke cleaning system project for boiler. The core equipment of the project uses the REGLASS® glass plate heat exchanger independently developed by Ruichang, which has compact and lightweight structure, high surface finish, unobstructed flow channel and is not easy to clog. The use of external cold air directly as a cold source to eliminate white smoke greatly reduces the energy consumption and complexity of the white elimination system. Without affecting the normal smoke exhaust of the boiler, the white smoke elimination effect can be achieved according to the design conditions

flue gas cleaning system

Technical features and advantages

  • Dehumidification: using ambient air to cool the flue gas and reduce the water content of the flue gas.
  • Heating: The heat carried by the flue gas itself heats the ambient air while being cooled by the ambient air, creating a high temperature environment.
  • Drying: Through the high temperature ambient air to dry the flue gas, greatly reduce the saturation of the flue gas, eliminate the chimney exit plume.
  • No additional cooling source is consumed: No matter what method is used for flue gas cooling, whether it is contact or non-contact water cooling, or natural cooling, heat will eventually be released to the atmosphere, and we directly use air for wall cooling, reducing energy consumption and improving cooling efficiency.
  • No additional heat source consumed: the flue gas heats the ambient air and in turn adds dry flue gas to reduce the saturation of the flue gas and eliminate the white smoke without consuming additional heat source.
  • Condensation dust removal: When the flue gas condenses, it needs a condensation core, and the dust in the flue gas is just as the condensation core of the condensate, promoting the generation of droplets, and the droplets are also the carrier of dust, and the droplets and dust precipitation at the same time, complementing each other.
White smoke cleaning system project
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