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metal heat exchanger

Application: Flue gas waste heat recovery system

Capacity: gas volume of the system is 50,000N m3/h, and the temperature is 50℃

Transformation technology: “REGLASS condensation phase change condensation” technology

Item details

This is one of our successful case of waste heat recovery unit. A gas heating boiler project in a residential area completed by a new energy Co., LTD., there are three gas condensing furnaces, the smoke volume is 5000Nm³/h, the smoke temperature is about 50℃, and the smoke is slightly corrosive. The flue gas waste heat recovery module is planned to achieve the purpose of system energy saving, water saving and carbon reduction.

About waste heat recovery processing

In view of the corrosion characteristics of the flue gas of the project, Ruichang innovatively applied the modified polymer tube heat exchanger with excellent corrosion resistance and not easy to accumulate ash and clog. The waste heat of the flue gas is used to pre-heat the return water of the heating system, and the circulating water of 40t/h can be heated by 3~5℃. The system does not need to add additional flue gas fan, the overall pressure drop of the equipment is small, without affecting the original flue gas exhaust, as much as possible to preheat the heating backwater, reduce gas consumption, and achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

metal plate heat exchanger delivery

Technical features and advantages

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Low flow resistance
  • Not easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean
  • Modular design, convenient installation, maintenance and construction

Economic benefits

After the operation of this project, taking a heating season (120 days) as an example, 33,638m ³ of gas can be saved annually. The price of natural gas is calculated according to 3.04 yuan /m³, and the annual gas saving cost is 102,000 yuan.

Importance of waste recovery unit

  • Reduce energy consumption: Heat recovery systems can recycle waste heat generated in industrial production processes, thereby reducing energy consumption. According to relevant data, about 30% of the energy in the industrial production process is wasted, of which waste heat accounts for a large part. The application of heat recovery system can effectively reduce the energy consumption in the industrial production process and save energy resources.
  • Improve energy efficiency: The heat recovery system can make full use of the waste heat generated in the industrial production process, thereby improving energy efficiency. Energy utilization efficiency is an important index to measure the level of energy utilization. The application of heat recovery system can improve the energy utilization efficiency and reduce the waste of energy resources.
  • Reduce pollutant emissions: Heat recovery systems can reduce emissions of pollutants such as waste gas and wastewater generated during industrial production. The discharge of waste gas, waste water and other pollutants will cause environmental pollution. The application of heat recovery system can reduce the emission of waste gas, waste water and other pollutants and improve environmental quality.
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