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sulfur recovery unit case

Poor site conditions: extremely cold, frozen soil, difficult construction.

Mobility requirements: The device needs to be easily removable.

Reasonable arrangement: highly integrated arrangement under the condition of ensuring operation and maintenance space.

Perfect design: Modular design takes full consideration of layout and installation.

This is a sulfur recovery unit project of Ruichang, we help our client produce sulfur under special climate conditions, and solve the world’s problems in the metallurgical industry.

Enfei construction EMC pilot plant, used to produce sulfur from the reaction of reducing gas with complex composition and primary flue gas. The plant is located in Fuyun County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang. The annual average temperature is 3.4℃, the extreme temperature in winter is -39℃, and the maximum freezing depth of soil is 1.8m. After the local test of the EMC pilot device is completed, it needs to be moved to other sites for testing. Ruichang Company accepted this challenge, in order to ensure the progress and quality of the project, but also to achieve the convenience of sulfur recovery unit device movement.

Ruichang Company fully considered the difficulty of site construction, determined to deliver in the form of modularization, and arranged the equipment in the unit module to the maximum extent under the condition of ensuring maintenance and operation space. All equipment, electrical, instrumentation, pipes, platforms, escalators, etc. are manufactured and installed in the factory. Thanks to the high-precision frame fabrication, the modules are fitted in exactly the same size. Before leaving the factory, the pipes and electrical instruments should be tested to ensure the installation quality. Only the civil foundation needs to be completed on-site. After the module arrives on site, the construction of the device can be quickly completed by a bolted connection between the module and the foundation and between the module and the module.

At the process level, through the reductive gas analysis of complex components, it is confirmed that the oxygen-containing waste gas can be used to support combustion, directly reducing the energy consumption of the device, and creating maximum value for users.

sulfur recovery unit case
ruichang sulfur recovery unit case
sulfur recovery unit case
ruichang sulfur recovery unit case in Xinjiang
sulfur recovery unit installation
ruichang sulfur recovery unit installation

Why sulfur recovery unit is hot on the market?

The presence of sulfur in oil and natural gas has added a lot of trouble to the process of oil refining and natural gas processing, and sulfur can not only cause corrosion of equipment and pipelines, but also greatly reduce the quality of petroleum products. In the quality index of gasoline and diesel, sulfur content is a very important index. The emission of sulfur-containing gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide also causes atmospheric pollution, increases greenhouse gas emissions, and harms the Earth on which we all depend. Therefore, all countries in the world attach great importance to the sulfur content in petroleum and petroleum products, and in the process of petroleum processing, to the greatest extent possible, the removal of various forms of sulfur derivatives and the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide into sulfur for recovery, on the one hand, it is to improve the quality of petroleum products, reduce the corrosion of equipment, but also an important measure to protect the environment to turn harm into benefit and waste into treasure.

In the process of petroleum refining, the sulfur recovered by product refining, desulfurization, acid water vapor extraction and sulfur recovery has been widely used in the development of national economy. Sulfur has a variety of uses in various fields of production, and it is no longer just a trouble in petroleum processing, but has become a real precious resource.

Sulfur is an important chemical raw material, widely used in agriculture, medicine, catalyst, rubber, gunpowder, building materials, construction, food and other fields, most of which are used in the production of sulfuric acid. According to the information, more than 80% of the world’s sulfur is used to produce sulfuric acid, followed by the production of various special sulfur and special sulfur.

su;fur unit application
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