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waste heat recovery unit

Construction period: The project duration is 60 days.

Achieved results: carbon saving ≥3t/h, economic income of about ≥5 million yuan/year.

Construction scope: This project includes the whole EPC project such as system design, equipment supply, civil construction, on-site installation and commissioning

We supply waste heat recobery unit for a paper pulp mill in Guangdong. The heat exchanger project is set up in the drainage pipe of the regulating pond. After the desulfurization tower is used, the 45-51℃ high temperature wastewater of the biochemical workshop is returned. When the ambient temperature is low in winter, the paper making wastewater of about 20℃ in the regulating pond is heated to raise its temperature to about 35℃.

Waste heat recovery technology

The most core equipment in the waste heat recovery project is the heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger developed by Ruichang uses non-metallic materials to make heat exchange elements, which are used for the utilization of low-temperature gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid waste heat to solve the problems of corrosion and blockage, and transfer heat from the high-temperature medium to the low-temperature medium to achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction. Suitable for petrochemical industry, electric power, boiler, paper industry, iron and steel metallurgy and other industries, the working medium for gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid heat exchange, can meet the low temperature, acid, alkali corrosion and other conditions of the heat exchanger.

The heat exchange system is mainly composed of 10 tube heat exchangers of polymer materials, as well as the scaler, filter, temperature and pressure instrument set on the water pipe road.

waste heat recovery unit case
waste heat recovery unit case
waste heat recovery unit case
waste heat recovery unit case

Advantages of waste heat recovery unit

  1. Outstanding energy-saving effect
    The components of sewage waste heat treatment system mainly include sewage treatment, waste heat recovery, recycled water reuse and so on. Through the use of waste heat recovery, it can be greatly reduced
    The energy resources such as electric energy and gas consumed by enterprises greatly reduce the production costs of enterprises. At the same time, in today’s increasingly scarce water resources, the reuse of recycled water can also effectively reduce the consumption of tap water by enterprises and reduce water costs.
  2. Good environmental protection effect
    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, enterprises are paying more and more attention to environmental issues. The sewage waste heat treatment system can greatly reduce the emission of pollutants generated by enterprises and effectively protect the surrounding environment through the recycling of sewage and waste heat recovery and utilization.
  3. Convenient management and maintenance
    Traditional sewage treatment equipment often requires manual control and adjustment, time-consuming and laborious, while the sewage waste heat treatment system basically uses automatic control, and considers automatic monitoring and control in its design and selection, which can automatically adjust the pressure, concentration and other parameters, fast running speed, simple management and maintenance.
  4. Sustainable development of circular economy
    Circular economy is one of the important ideas of sustainable development. The sewage waste heat treatment system converts sewage and waste heat into resources, realizes the recycling of waste inside the production system, and forms a circular economy model. Through the recycling of the production environment and the comprehensive utilization of waste, the enterprise has achieved sustainable development and brought economic benefits to the enterprise.
  5. Relatively high long-term returns
    Although the construction of sewage waste heat treatment system requires a certain cost investment, compared with traditional sewage treatment equipment, its long-term income is higher than the former. On the one hand, the waste water heat treatment system can realize recycling and save resources cost; On the other hand, in the case of increasingly strict policies and regulations, the cost of updating traditional sewage treatment equipment has also increased accordingly. Therefore, the long-term benefits of sewage waste heat treatment system are worth looking forward to.
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