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waste heat recovery project

Handling capacity: 176700kg/h

Exhaust temperature: 100℃

In 2016, we design and supply waste heat recovery unit to PetroChina in Xinjiang. The design smoke exhaust temperature of the device is 100℃, the gas volume is 176700kg/h, and the heat transfer load is 10.4Mw. The metal plate heat exchanger is used in the high temperature section, the heat exchange plate is 316L, and the glass plate heat exchanger is used in the low temperature section.

The device has no preheater. It has been put into use since December 2016, and the design exhaust smoke temperature is 100℃. Considering the low temperature in Urumqi in winter and the large amount of condensing water, the workshop opened the air bypass under normal working conditions to control the smoke exhaust temperature of 120℃ in winter. The device has been operating stably and in good condition since it was put into use.

waste heat recovery unit in Xinjiang

Follow-up outreach visit

In April 2019, the system was shut down for maintenance, and the photos of the glass heat exchange module of the preheater are as follows:

glass heat exchanger

As can be seen in the figure, the surface of the glass heat exchange module is in good condition, without damage, leakage, and corrosion damage. There is almost no ash accumulation between the heat exchange plates, the flow channel is completely unobstructed, and there is no blockage.

In December 2020, we conducted a return visit test on the equipment. At present, the equipment is in good running condition, and the exhaust temperature in winter is controlled at 95-100℃. Oxygen content difference between inlet and outlet of preheater in low temperature section < 0.1%.

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