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boiler fuel gas treatment

Application: boiler flue gas treatment

Capacity: gas volume of the system is 40,000 m3/h, and the temperature is 40℃

Transformation technology: “REGLASS condensation phase change condensation” technology

This is a project for boiler fuel gas cleaning system. Our client require fuel gas cleaning system to solve the problem of boiler. Thick white smoke is formed at the outlet of the chimney of the heating boiler, which affects the beauty, pollutes the environment of the community, and brings great inconvenience to the life of residents.

According to the equipment condition of the customer, we designed the corresponding boiler flue gas treatment system for him, the whole design adopts Ruichang’s unique patent: “REGLASS condensation phase change condensation” technology. The overall EPC project for flue gas treatment is about 40 days.

Technical features and advantages

  • Water saving and emission reduction: During the operation of the dehumidification and smoke elimination system, the smoke will produce ~0.3t/h condensate water, which will be returned to the owner’s treatment system for recycling; It can greatly reduce the pollutants such as salt, particulate matter and acid gas carried by flue gas emission.
  • Energy saving: Taking power consumption as an example, the system saves 44,000 yuan/year compared with condensation method; Compared with the heating method, the system saves 12,000 yuan/year.
  • Carbon reduction: Taking carbon emissions as an example, compared with condensation method, the system can reduce carbon for the owner by 50 tons/year; Compared with the heating method, it can reduce carbon by 14 tons/year for the owner.
  • Environmental indicators: When the ambient temperature is above -5 ° C and the relative humidity is less than 70%, there is no visible white smoke at the chimney outlet.
  • White smoke elimination: the annual white smoke elimination rate of more than 90%.
boiler fuel gas treatment
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