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Ruichang ultra low NOx burner is designed for combustion systems in industries that rely on combustion processes such as traditional petroleum refining companies. In recent years, some countries or regions have formulated nitrogen oxide emission standards for special industries, requiring the chemical industry and refining industry to reduce the scale of nitrogen oxide emissions by 60%. Ordinary low-NOx burners can no longer meet the ultra low NOx emission requirements.

Ruichang Ultra Low NOx Burner has Low Emissions

The technology of controlling nitrogen oxide NOx in the boiler mainly has two directions: reducing the temperature of the combustion flame and reducing the oxygen content. Therefore, an important measure to suppress the formation of nitrogen oxides is to start with the burner.

Low NOx burner refers to a burner with low nitrogen oxide emissions during the fuel combustion process. Conventional boiler burners usually emit nitrogen oxides above 100 ppm. The general nitrogen oxide emissions of low NOx burners are around 30-60 ppm. Nitrogen oxide emissions below 30ppm are usually called ultra low NOx burners to meet more stringent environmental protection requirements.

GCFB-V Type fuel oil working condition of the
GCFB-V Type gas working condition

The design of Ruichang ultra low NOx burner can be used in applications that must meet strict NOx emission levels. The ultra low NOx burner developed by Ruichang uses fuel staging technology and decentralized combustion technology to achieve NOx emission levels <30 ppm (NOx reduction by 60% to 70%). This burner concept can be applied to a wide range of combustion systems, including thermal fluid heaters, incinerators, boiler applications, gas turbines, and liquid process heaters in the chemical and oil refining industries. Ultra-low NOx burners can use natural gas, biomass gas, and pre-vaporized liquid fuels. The ultra-low NOx burner module is expandable, simple in design, and does not require expensive material manufacturing and installation costs.

Features of Ruichang Ultra Low NOx Burner

Ruichang Ultra Low NOx Burner Design

The new generation of Ruichang ultra low NOx burner adopts the latest combustion technology, which can suppress the production of NOx at the source of NOx in the process processing furnace, that is, the combustion flame zone, thereby greatly reducing the amount of NOx emitted by the heating furnace. The nitrogen oxide emissions produced by the ultra low NOx burner can be as low as 30ppm. Its main technical characteristics are as follows:

  1. Use advanced fuel diversity technology. The ultra low NOx burner uses two sets of independent fuel guns to send fuel into the burner from the inside and outside of the fire block.
  2. The refractory brick adopts a unique special-shaped structure and has an advanced air distribution concept to ensure high combustion stability and high reliability.
  3. The form of fuel blending and the structure of refractory bricks also constitute low-nitrogen combustion technology, which greatly reduces thermodynamic NOx emissions.
  4. The ultra low NOx burner adopts flue gas recirculation technology, which can reduce the temperature of the flame zone, so as to achieve the purpose of suppressing the generation of thermodynamic NOx.
  5. Compared with traditional burners, ultra-low NOx burners can achieve lower NOx emissions, as low as 30ppm.

GCFB-V Type Ultra Low NOx Burner

The GCFB-V type ultra-low NOx burner is applied in the gas burner and tubular heater with a round flame. The burner was applied in the natural draft with negative pressure of heater bottom >70Pa, and mechanical forced draft with blower pressure<500Pa. During which the pre-heated air temperature is no more than 320℃.

Specification ModelDesign load(MW)KDZFInstallation size(mm)Connection dimension of air channel(mm)
Forced draftNatural draftGN-φEHLAXNBXNN-φC
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