Ruichang Low NOx Burner

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low Nox burner

Ruichang has more than 40 patented burner technologies, and the self-designed low NOx burner adopts fuel staging technology and decentralized combustion technology. At the same time, Ruichang has also carried out technical cooperation with Honeywell and its holding subsidiary UOPCallidus, adopting its advanced technology to produce low NOx burner whose NOx emissions are lower than the special emission limits of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Why do We Need Low NOx Burners

With the increasing pressure on environmental protection, the requirements for NOx emissions in various countries have become increasingly strict. Nitrogen oxide is a highly toxic pollutant that harms human health and damages the atmospheric environment. It is mainly produced in the process of industrial combustion. The use of low NOx burners can effectively control NOx emissions to meet relevant countries’ nitrogen oxide emission standards.

GCFB-IV low NOx burner
GCFB-IV Low NOx Burner
GCFB-II Low NOx Burner
GCFB-II Low NOx Burner

NOx Control Defects of Process Heating Furnace in Traditional Petroleum Refining Enterprises

  • The furnace temperature of the process heating furnaces owned by most petroleum refining enterprises is generally less than 900 ℃, and the number is large, and the load and furnace temperature are not the same.
  • The flue gas denitrification process is complicated and the investment and operation cost is high. The production of nitrogen oxides can only be controlled by low-nitrogen combustion technology.
  • Different from the NOx control method of the catalytic cracking unit, the catalytic cracking unit first produces nitrogen oxides and then eliminates them, while the process furnace uses a low nitrogen oxide burner to reduce the production of nitrogen oxides from the source.

Ruichang Low NOx Burner

GCFB series Low NOx Burner

Ruichang low NOx burner adopts fuel classification technology and decentralized combustion technology to make the low NOx burner achieve the goal of low nitrogen oxide emission. The low NOx burner design is a technical patent independently developed by Ruichang, and all indicators are at the forefront of the industry.

Ruichang low NOx burners use a wide range of fuels, including natural gas, biomass fuels, and pre-vaporized liquid fuels. Low NOx burners are simple in design, easy to install, and have significant economic benefits. They can be used in boilers, gas turbines, and liquid process heaters in the chemical and oil refining industries.

GCFB series Low NOx Burner
NOx emission60ppm

Low NOx Burner Principle

low nox burner technology
Low NOx Burner Principle

The burner is the key equipment in the boiler combustion system. The fuel required by the boiler is sent into the furnace through the burner, and the air required for fuel combustion also enters the furnace through the burner.

From the perspective of combustion, the performance of the burner directly determines the reliability and economy of the fuel combustion equipment. From the perspective of the generation principle of NOx, most fuel-type NOx is generated during the ignition phase of the fuel. Therefore, the low NOx burner design adopts a special method. By changing the structure of the low NOx burner and the ratio of wind to fuel, methods such as air staging, fuel staging, and flue gas recirculation can be applied to the low NOx burner to reduce the NOx concentration. So as to reduce the concentration of ignition oxygen as much as possible, and appropriately reduce the temperature of the ignition zone to achieve the purpose of suppressing the generation of NOx to the maximum extent, this is the low NOx burner principle.

Other types of low NOx burner

Low NOx burner design has been widely used in various large boilers. In order to meet the increasingly stringent NOx emission standards of different countries, Ruichang has developed different types of low NOx burners, and the NOx emission rate can generally be reduced by 30% to 60%.

Ruichang can manufacture various models of low NOx burner, including GFFW-Ⅲ Low NOx Burner, GRFB-Ⅲ Low NOx Burner, RC-C Side Wall Flameless Burner, GCAR-Ⅱ High-Temperature Top Fired Burner, and CCFB-Ⅰ Oil and Gas Combined Burner.