Low NOx Burner

Low Nox burner applications

  • Apply for a gas burner and tubular heater with round flame.
  • Apply for the natural draft with negative pressure of heater bottom > 70Pa, and mechanical forced draft with blower pressure < 500Pa. During which the pre-heated air temperature no more than 320℃.

What is a low NOx burner? The low NOx burner is a type of process burner that is used for the furnace in the petrochemical and oil refinery industry. NOx is a short name of nitrogen oxides. The process burner has a lot of classifications based on motive force, NOx emission control, flame shape, and etc. According to the NOx emission, process burner can be classified into four types including conventional burner, low-NOx burner, ultra-low-NOx burner, and next-generation ultra-low-NOx burner. 

Low NOx burners of Ruichang

Ruichang is a low NOx burner designer and manufacturer with technology and projects. We cooperate with U.S. Honeywell and its holding company – UOP Callidus. Adopting their advanced technologies of low-Nox burners, which meet the emission standards of the China State Environmental Protection Administration can be manufactured.

burning oil woking condition
burning oil working condition
gas working condition
gas working condition

Actually, the low NOx burner of Ruichang is a perfect combination of systematic fuel technology and gas recirculating technology. It has the following advantages.

  • A higher proportion of systematic fuel way;
  • Strengthen gases recirculating;
  • Lower emission of NOx.
low nox burner technology
the technology demonstration of low nox burner

The flame of low NOx burners

shape of flame


combustion direction

Combustion direction

radiation wall

wall type burner

Specifications of low NOx burner

model GCFB-V low NOx burner design

GCFB-V low NOx burner is a typical type of burner from Ruichang. Definition of GCFB-V (xx) as follow:

  • GCFB: burner symbol
  • V: burner type
  • XX(MW): load unit, eg: 1.5MW
Specification Model

Design load(MW)


KDZFInstallation size(mm)Connection dimension of air channel(mm)
Forced draftNatural draftGN-φEHLAXNBXNN-φC

Notes for low NOx burner

  1. proper installation: improper installation will have a bad influence on the performance of burners, even can’t attain the guaranteed target in low NOx. 
  2. Guard against block of spray orifice: Flame holders ‘smaller spray orifices are easier to be blocked, so please keep fuel gas more purified, which require fluid removal and roguing. 
  3. Dimensional change of flame: low NOx burners having longer and stronger flame compared with traditional burners. The length of the flame is about 2.0 – 2. 5 m/MW. The diameter of the flame is generally 1.0-1.5 times to combustion bricks. Having more transparent flame, most of the combustion reactions are invisible. When furnace temperature is below 650℃, there might cause CO’s content to appear crest value.
  4. Strictly control oxygen content in fuel gas: in order to meet NOx emission standard, you have to control the volume of excess air. Ensure the emission of CO in fuel gas is lower than 50ppm, and as lower as possible. 
  5. Stability of flame: Low burn intensity and velocity might cause incomplete combustion.

Why do we need a low NOx burner?

As a part of furnace or heater, process burner use is used for providing energy through combustion, NOx is produced as byproducts. The NOx can be produced from three ways: 

  • As the largest contributor to overall NOx emissions, thermal NOx comes from high-temperature combustion.
  • Prompt NOx is born from a combination of nitrogen and fuel.
  • Notably, Fuel-bound NOx has no relation to natural gas. 

These pollutants can initiate harmful reactions, which result in the production of acid rain and ozone. So low NOx burner is necessary for the petrochemical and oil refinery industry.

Other types of low NOx burner

Excepting for GCFB-V low NOx burner, Ruichang can manufacture various models of low NOx burner, including GFFW-Ⅲ Low NOx Burner, GRFB-Ⅲ Low NOx Burner, RC-C Side Wall Flameless Burner, GCAR-Ⅱ High Temperature Top Fired Burner, and CCFB-ⅠOil and Gas Combined Burner.