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the burning process burner
the burning process burner

Process Burner Introduction

In the petrochemical and oil refinery industry, as the key component in the process tubular heater, the process burner is used for providing energy through combustion. By using the energy, intermediate products and final products are produced.

Based on the different types of heaters and different products needed during the whole process, the process burner will be used in different applications through special design, such as CDU/VDU, delayed coking, hydrogen production, ethylene cracking, etc.

Through over 30 years of technical iteration and development, Ruichang process burner is focused on low NOx emission, wide-range operation, and product reliability; Providing high quality and good performance products to our clients at a competitive price is our continuous pursuing target.

Ruichang Process Burner Types

Ruichang provides different types of process burners. The types of process burners can be classified in different ways, such as the flame shape, the fire direction, the NOx emission control, etc.

Flat flame shape process burner
Flat flame shape process burner burning video
Round flame shape process burner
Round flame shape process burner burning video

Flame Direction of Process Burner

Choosing the right flame direction mainly depends on which application you want the process burner to work with. Basically, there are three types of flame directions: up flame, side flame, and down flame.

up flame direction of process burner
up flame direction
side flame direction of process burner
side flame direction
down flame direction of process burner
down flame direction

Why Choose Ruichang Process Burner

For more than 30 years, Ruichang has been dedicated to research, developing and manufacturing a huge variety of process burners and related products. In China, we are reliable partners with the world’s largest petroleum and chemical industry leaders, such as CNPC, SINOPEC, ChemChina, etc. Internationally, we’ve built a long-term partnership with Honeywell. 

Ruichang process burner is recognized by the world essentially because of the production quality.

Ruichang process burner
Technical advantages highlights:
Staged combustion technology
Special-designed tiles
Low NOx oxygen combustion technology
Fume gas recycle technology
NOx emission can be reduced to 30ppm, together with UOP Callidus
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