Application of Large Pure Oxygen Burner

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In August 2021, Luoyang Ruichang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. contracted the burner of the 40,000-ton/year sulfur recovery unit for the super-large pulverized coal gasification demonstration project of Shandong Runyin Biochemical Co., Ltd.

Technical Features

The raw gas of the sulfur recovery unit comes from the low-temperature methanol washing of this project, the low-temperature methanol washing of the old system, the gasification unit of the old project, and the gasification unit of this project. 100% load high-sulfur working condition treats acid gas volume: 9950 Nm3/h, it is a super-large pure oxygen-sulfur recovery device in the modern coal chemical industry.

oxy fuel burner
oxy fuel burner

Breaking Technology Monopoly

Ruichang oxy fuel burners have been widely used for many years in large-scale (air-supported) sulfur recovery (such as 150,000 tons/year, 100,000 tons/year, 80,000 tons/year, etc.) The industrial application of the sulfur recovery device fills the application gap of large-scale oxygen burners in China and breaks the technological monopoly of pure oxygen burners, which has far-reaching significance.

Significance of Application

RUICHANG pure oxygen burner adopts our company’s own proprietary technology and reaches the international advanced level. It can be customized according to various working conditions to meet the application needs of the modern coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, which has good promotion significance.

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