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What is the Modular Incinerator Package for Wastes?

  • It is used for thermal incineration of wastewater, waste gas, or liquids with the appropriate discharge of H2S, benzene, NH3, CO,z or HC.
  • The destruction rate is higher than 99.9%.
  • WHB, air preheater available on request.
  • De-Nox reactor and SO2 scrubber can also be provided as required.
  • Modular supply will be provided to minimize fieldwork.
  • The one-stand solution from simulation, burner design, fabrication, and modular assembly.

Components of Modular Incinerator Package

A modular waste incinerator package is a solution product that designs, manufactures, and assembles the entire process of a waste incinerator in modular packaging. A modular waste incinerator is another modular one-stop solution after Ruichang modular SRU and modular SMR. Its main components include an incinerator, air preheater, chimney, fan, waste buffer tank, BMS skid, and PLC control cabinet.

Components of Modular Incinerator Package
Components of Modular Incinerator Package

Highlights of Modular Thermal Incineration Unit

1000 ton floating hoist
1000 ton floating hoist

Equipment weighing up to 1,000 tons can be easily lifted with a large floating hoist. Therefore, the modular integrated Modular Thermal Incineration Unit can be hoisted on board as a whole. Thus, the problem of difficulty in boarding the modular equipment is solved.

SPMT, self-propelled modular transporter

The SPMT self-propelled modular transporter can realize the overall transfer of large modular equipment, and can directly transport the Modular Thermal Incineration Unit built on the seaside to the transport vessel, so as to realize the easy boarding of the modular equipment.

Why Choose Ruichang?

Choose Ruichang modular Thermal Incineration Unit
  • Ruichang, with more than 30 years of experience in the Petrochemical industry.
  • Modular technical support from international famed senior experts.
  • Professional team covering all disciplines, such as process, piping, structure, instruments, electric, equipment, fired heater, etc. 
  • Supported by self-owned Process Package, capable of process simulation for SRU, SMR, and other chemical processes.
  • Professional software: PDMS, STAAD.PRO, Project, etc.

Easy Transportation

On land, modular incineration plants can be transported using large loading trucks. Since most of the components are already pre-assembled at the factory, the module body is ready for shipping as a whole. In terms of shipping methods, Ruichang modular incineration equipment, modular SRU, and modular SMR all have successful experience in shipping by sea. Customers can use deck barges to transport their equipment to all corners of the world.

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