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Ruichang Modular SRU
Ruichang Modular SRU

Ruichang Modular SRU

With the continuous expansion of the oil refining and coal chemical industry, major oil refining companies have higher and higher requirements for the installation convenience and streamlined performance of the supporting sulfur recovery units.

In order to meet the needs of the industry, as a professional enterprise in the field of sulfur recovery, Ruichang led the cutting-edge R&D team to launch the latest modular SRU.

Modular SRU improves the drawbacks of traditional SRU installations that a large amount of work must be constructed on-site, and the work progress is greatly affected by site conditions.

The modularization of each system makes it possible to relocate the factory.

Ruichang modular SRU has more advantages than traditional SRU

Traditional SRU

Traditional SRUs typically include extensive on-site construction work that can be greatly affected by construction site conditions.

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Venue Availability
  • Quality and safety risks
  • Difficulty with additional purchases
  • Short-term on-site schedule requirements
Modular SRU

Modular SRU builds various machines into modular prefabricated units according to their functions. Almost 90%-95% of the overall installation work can be completed in advance in the workshop, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.

  • Modular components can be carried out concurrently with on-site construction;
  • Can greatly reduce on-site workload, required labor, and management costs;
  • The weather has less impact on the progress of the project;
  • Get better installation quality and safety performance;
  • Installation can still be carried out under the conditions of poor infrastructure and lack of resources.

Modular SRU Process

With the SCOT process independently developed by Ruichang, the sulfur recovery rate in the modular SRU is greater than 99.9%.
On the other hand, using another modular SRU of Ruichang’s own technology to select the oxidation process, the sulfur recovery rate is about 99.5%.

Modular SRU Process
Modular SRU Process

Design Highlights of Modular SRU

Case 1: 7000t/a SRU and 35t/h solvent regeneration unit project
large modular SRU project

Ruichang designed a scheme for the customer to form the project installation by 6 small modules. Each module can be transported individually by large truck and the struts are transported individually. Although the installation site of the equipment is located inland, the design of Ruichang’s modular SRU provides greater convenience for future equipment upgrades and factory relocation.

Case 2: 130kt/a modular SRU
small modular SRU project

The customer’s factory was built near the sea. Based on the actual needs of the customer, Ruichang designed and packaged the 130kt/a sulfur recovery unit of this project into an integral module. The total weight of the module is 2000t. Taking advantage of the convenient maritime conditions along the coast, the module can be transported as a whole by ship.

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