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Industrial gas burner definition

The industrial gas burner belongs to the industrial burner. According to the burning medium, there are industrial gas burners and industrial oil burner.

The working principle for the gas burner can be very simple. The fuel gas, or the air, or the pre-mixed fuel gas and air enter into the combustion chamber of the burner. Stable combustion is taking place. The burner is providing heating value to the applications.

In the industry section, the most common fuel gases are ethyne, LNG, and propane.

As for the applications, most of the industrial gas burners are applied for industrial boilers and furnaces.

As a leading industrial burner supplier, Ruichang manufactures reliable burners with state-of-the-art combustion technology. It ensures the burner a higher combustion efficiency while controls the emission at a minimum level.

Ruichang has the largest industrial burner center in Asia.
The largest industrial combustion testing center in Asia

Our burners are mainly used for furnaces in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, and other related industries where a complete combustion solution is needed.

Ruichang Industrial gas burner featuers

  • Reduced pollutant emission.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • More cost-effective system integration.
  • Staged combustion technology.
  • Sophisticated designed refractory tiles.
  • Low oxygen environment burning technology.
  • Gas recycling technology.
  • Cooperate with Honeywell UOP to reduce the NOx emission to as low as 30ppm.
  • Easy retrofit for your old application and burners.

Industrial gas burner ranges:

Super large industrial gas burner for CO incinerator

Ruichang invented the CO incinerator gas burner. It features high performance, easy installation and complete combustion. The CO content is controlled lower than 10ppm. The function is to generate stable combustion to turn CO into CO2 under the temperature of 950 – 1000℃. It can be installed vertically and horizontally.

super large industrial gas burner for CO incinerator
Super large industrial gas burner in the factory
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