Industrial Burner

The industrial burner in oil refinery project
The indstrial burners in an oil refinery

Industrial Burner

Industrial burner, also known as industrial combustion burners, has various types and specifications. Bas on the combustion media, there are basically industrial gas burners and industrial oil burners. Any application in any industry that requires heating fuel or combustion needs an industrial burner.

The industrial burner is the determining factory for the operation stability of the boiler or furnace. Good reliability, high efficiency, and low emission are the target for both equipment purchasers and machinery manufacturers.

Ruichang supplies two main categories of industrial burners for lots of industries, especially in oil refinery: process burner and low NOx burner. Hundreds of thousands of Ruichang industrial burners are installed over the world. We are the long-term supplier to leading industrial players such as SINOCHEMC, SINOPEC, PetroChina, Air Liquide, etc. Ruichang is recognized for its innovation, stability, and efficiency. The development and fabrication of process burners and low NOx burners are in the leading position globally.

Ruichang industrial burner advantages

  • Complete combustion solution provider. Ruichang is not only a single equipment supplier. Thanks to decades of experience in burner & heating engineering, we always have a packed solution of combustion for your application.
  • Innovative technology. Ruichang industrial burner uses staged combustion technology to increase heating efficiency. The burner structure is compactly assembled with special-designed tiles.
  • The low NOx burner features in reducing NOx emission to as low as 30ppm.

Industrial burner ranges

Industrial process burner

The process burners are designed to work with various applications through the oil refinery plant, including CDU / VDU, delayed coking, hydrogen production, and ethylene cracking, etc.

industrial low NOx burner in stock

Industrial low NOx burner

The low NOx burner works perfectly with a gas burner and tubular heater. It is now in higher demand as in the current world, every country introduces regulations to reduce pollutant emission and to protect the environment.

industrial burner for sulfur recovery unit equipment

Industrial burner for sulfur recovery unit (SRU)

SRU equipment in an oil refinery plant aims to reduce the acidic gas emission. Ruichang’s high-performance burner for the sulfur recovery process helps you to enhance the elemental Sulfur conversion rate by a high-efficiency combustion process.

industrial burner used for acid gas reaction furnace

Industrial burner for acid gas reaction furnace

With the pre-mixed forced vortex combustion air, the acid gas reaction furnace burner performs an intensive burning so that the impurities such as NH3 and heavy hydrocarbons can be removed effectively.

industrial burner of online heating furnace

Industrial burner for online heat furnace

The sulfur recovery process produces process gas which needs to be eliminated. The industrial online heat furnace burner is designed to deal with the process gas by burning it with fuel gas.

industrial burner in SRU tal gas incinerator

Industrial burner for the tail gas incinerator

By working together with an acidic gas incinerator, the tail gas incinerator’s function is to transform the residual H2S into SO2 before being emitted into the air. Ruichang’s tail gas incinerator burner features in simple yet compact structure and fine insulation.

industrial burner used for large CO incinerator

Industrial burner for large CO incinerator

The process burners are designed to work with various applications through the oil refinery plant, including CDU / VDU, delayed coking, hydrogen production, and ethylene cracking, etc.