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IE EXPO China Exhibition Summary

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The 20th IE EXPO was held in Shanghai, China from 15th to 17th, April.

Ruichang attended this largest environmental-specific fair with the exhibition of products of REGLASS glass plate heat exchanger, sulfur recovery unit and low NOx process burner.

Together with other suppliers, Ruichang was presenting the latest technological innovation as well as success stories to the audience.

The IE EXPO 2019 was held in Shanghai of China

On this expo, the world leaders demonstrated the latest technologies and the up-to-date solutions for solving problems in many key environmental aspects, such as wastewater treatment, supply supply & drainage, solid waste disposal, resource recycling, air pollution treatment, indoor air pollution treatment, site revamp, environmental supervision, environment-related service industry, etc.

Ruichang at the IE EXPO China 2019

As the largest and most influential environment exhibition in Asia, this fair attracted a totally 2027 exhibitors to attend. During the 3 days event, there were more than 70,000 people joining this exhibition, participating in more than 400 talks and other events.

At the position of D76, Hall E6, Ruichang introduced the technology of heat exchanger, SRU as well as tail gas low NOx burning.

Ruichang Team at IE EXPO China 2019

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