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Introducing REGLASS®

The World’s First Glass Plate Heat Exchanger

REGLASS® glass plate heat exchanger is mainly used for air preheater in the petrochemical industry.

It is independently R&D by Ruichang, using the plate type special glass in the heat exchanger unit as the main transfer material, it made the global initiative.

It is optimal to use for the application where the flue gas inlet temperature is less than 200 ℃, while the flue gas outlet temperature is lower than the temperature of acid dew point corrosion which is approximately 80 ℃.

REGLASS® is designed to reduce the furnace’s exhaust temperature effectively. It can improve the efficiency of the heating furnace by more than 3%. What’s more important is that it reduces the emissions of pollutants in flue gas effectively by using condensation technique.

Watch this astonishing 15-second video to see why REGLASS® is so unique.

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose REGLASS®

REGLASS® nonmetal plate pre-heater has high compactness, high heat conductivity, and small size.
Hard for dust deposition and easy to clean. Suitable space on fins and smooth surface with high gas flow rate makes it hard to dust deposition. Online / offline water spray cleaning is available.
Compared with the conventional glass tubular heat exchanger, REGLASS has a larger heat transfer area per unit volume.
low-pressure drop.
Acid dew point corrosion-resistant.
Excellent corrosion resistance, except for hydrofluoric acid, completely resistant to all other acidic corrosion.
Glass is an excellent corrosion resistance material in a low-temperature flue gas environment.
Low flow resistance. Flat and smooth on fin surface with fluent flow channel makes it low flow resistance and pressure drop.
Easy installation, strong space adoptability. Independent modular design for various types of combination assembly, and this flexibility makes on-site installation volume low.
Long service life. Non-welding assembly, no stress concentration on heat exchange fins.
Good sealing and less leaking. Use multiple sealing materials for composite sealing, pressure differential is less than 8Kpa on two sides of fin, and leakage rate is less than 3%.

Case Presentation 1

ItemFlue gas parameterAir parameter
inlet temperature (℃)2857
outlet temperature (before / after) (℃)135/100190/235
flow rate (kg/h)176786167243
pressure drop (Pa)1000800
thermal load (MW)9.4979.497
Fuel heat value (kcal/nm3)1197911979
fuel price (RMB/nm3)3.713.71
fuel saving total amount (nm3/year)5,725,9005,725,900
fuel saving total price (RMB)approx. 21,243,000approx. 21,243,000
REGLASS® is used as air pre-heater of 1 million aromatic combination plant of PetroChina (Urumqi)

Case Presentation 2

ItemFlue gas parameterAir parameter
inlet temperature (℃)32o20
outlet temperature (before / after) (℃)100280
flow rate (kg/h)16,92015,678
pressure drop (Pa)200300
thermal load (MW)1.031.03
fuel saving total price (RMB)approx. 2,680,000approx. 2,680,000
REGLASS® is used as air pre-heater of 1 million ton/year diesel hydrotreating unit for SINOPEC (Changling)
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