RT Special Compound Ceramic Wear Nozzle

Ruichang offers various ceramic air grid nozzle for FCCU

The non-abrasive ceramic air grid nozzle (also called air distributor nozzle) is a high-tech product of Ruichang.

This product is specially used for air distributors, pressure relief orifice plate, steam stripper in an FCCU (Flowed Catalytic Cracking Unit).

It is developed and produced by our company, which has been granted three national patents. Its special structure and unique ceramics formulation are protected by law. 

Ruichang’s ceramic air grid nozzle can provide customers with the normal service life of at least two cycles.  It has been recognized and promoted by LPEC, SEI and other domestic most famous design and engineering companies. 

Features of RT special compound ceramic wear nozzle

  1. More than 90% of customers in the domestic refining industry use Ruichang ceramic nozzles in their FCCU. 
  2. Our nozzles use AL2O3 as the matrix, which is composed of metal or alloy and ceramic. It has advantages of metal and ceramic, including high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, small linear expansion coefficient, and etc.
  3. As for the ceramics formulation of Ruichang air grid nozzle, polyvalent metals of the same lattice-type were added to improve the wettability of ceramics;
  4. In the manufacturing process of the ceramic air nozzle, metal additives react with the substrate to generate new ceramic phases at the interface, such as Cr2O3. AL2O3 solid solution and FeO.AL2O3 spinel, so as to connect the metal and ceramics together, and maintain the characteristics of impact resistance and thermal shock resistance.
  5. Ruichang’s non-abrasive ceramic air grid nozzle adopts staged calculations system, mix the oxide films and AL2O3 to form a solid solution, so that the metal and ceramic solid two-phase are connected together as a whole, reduce the difference of two-phase linear expansion coefficient, avoid too much stress, especially the destruction from the metal phase to ceramic phase, achieve high strength and abrasion resistance.
Ruichang's ceramic air grid nozzles
ceramic air nozzle for FCCU 1
ceramic air nozzle for FCCU 1