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FCC oil refinery project Ruichang

Fluid catalytic cracking, also known as FCC, is the core process in a refinery.

It has become the main method for heavy oil lightening, due to its great features, such as relatively lower investment and operation cost, better raw material adaption, and higher conversion rate.

The end product from the FCC unit in the refinery is the main component of the vehicle fuel oil.

In worldwide, FCC gasoline takes up 25% to 80% of the total gasoline output. While the FCC diesel takes up 10% to 30% of the total diesel output.

FCC is the main process to produce gasoline, next to the steam cracking.

Ruichang FCC unit equipment features

  1. High cost-effective. Ruichang keeps optimizing the product quality with the most competitive price we can offer, helping you maximize the best value within your budget.
  2. Safety-first mind. In the refinery project, equipment safety and human safety are the top priority. We keep this in mind while fabricating. That’s why we hold a sound reputation from our clients, such as SINOPEC, CHEMCHINA, etc.
  3. Innovation matters. Ruichang is not just another factory. We never stop creating unique value for you with all of our products, even for a small nozzle. We are trying to be a different partner.

FCC unit equipment

Ruichang offers several key components for FCC units in the oil refinery. Ruichang is one of the few manufacturers in China that has the capacity for large pressure vessel fabrication.

Burner For Large CO Incinerator

The function of the CO incinerator burner is to mix the supplementary fuel gas and combustion air evenly. Under the premise of stable combustion, CO is fully burned into CO2

Low-Pressure Auxiliary Combustion Chamber

The low-pressure drop auxiliary combustion chamber is a piece of energy-saving equipment used in the petroleum and chemical industries. The main purpose of this equipment is to solve the problem.

Low-Pressure Water Sealed Tank

The new type of low-pressure water-sealed tank is developed by our company. It can reduce the pressure drop to less than 20% of the pressure drop of the old water.

RT Special Compound Ceramic Wear Nozzle

Ruichang offers various ceramic air grid nozzle for FCCU The non-abrasive ceramic air grid nozzle (also called air distributor nozzle) is a high-tech product of Ruichang. This product is special.

Ruichang FCC equipment in the real project

Ruichang’s technology and the capacity of manufacture are proven by all of our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your FCC project.

FCC unit equipment in Qiwangda
FCC unit equipment in Qiwangda
FCC unit in Qingyang PetroChina
FCC project in Jilin
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