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FCC Equipments

This page lists several types of equipment used for FCC process.

Burner For Large CO Incinerator

The function of the CO burning burner is to mix the supplementary fuel gas and combustion air evenly. Under the premise in stable combustion, CO is fully burned into CO2 under the temperature of 950 ~ 1000 ℃. There are two main types of CO burner, one is the horizontal

Low Pressure Auxiliary Chamber

The low-pressure auxiliary chamber is a newly developed product of our company. Under the normal operation of the catalytic device, the pressure drop can reduce the old auxiliary combustion chamber by more than 80%. At present, it has been successfully used in large catalytic cracking units of many factories. The

Low Pressure Water Sealed Tank

The new-type of the low-pressure water-sealed tank is developed by our company. It can reduce the pressure drop to less than 20% of the pressure drop of the old water sealing tank under the normal operation of the catalytic device. At present, it has been successfully used in large-scale catalytic

RT Special Compound Ceramic Wear Nozzle

RT special compound ceramic wear nozzle is a high-tech product of Henan province. It is developed and produced by our company, which has been granted three national patents. Its special structure and unique ceramics formulation are protected by law.  RT nozzle can provide customers with the normal service life of