Examples of Ruichang Flue Gas Treatment System Project

Ruichang Flue Gas Treatment System Project

Ruichang REGLASS industrial white smoke phase change coagulation treatment technology is a new type of exhaust gas treatment technology that effectively eliminates the “white smoke” emission of industrial waste gas. In the flue gas elimination process, the flue gas water vapor is condensed to form a condensate, which can absorb most of the solid particles, … Read more

Sulfur Recovery Unit Troubleshooting

Sulfur Recovery Unit Troubleshooting in SRU Plant

What are the Effects of Sulfur Recovery Unit Failure? The failure of the sulfur recovery unit will cause the elemental sulfur to not be recovered normally, resulting in a sharp increase in SO2 emissions and causing environmental pollution.The sulfur recovery unit is the main recovery device of SRU plant and chemical plant, used to recover … Read more

Flue Gas Desulfurization Cost Benefit Analysis

flue gas desulfurization cost

Flue gas desulfurization technology can generally be divided into three categories: dry method, semi-dry method and wet method. Dry method includes: SDS, CFB, SDA, NID and dense coherent method, etc. Wet flue gas desulfurization technology is relatively mature, including lime gypsum method, sodium alkali method, magnesium method, zinc oxide method and so on. Circulating fluidized … Read more

What are the highlights of VOCs treatment equipment with good performance?

What are the highlights of VOCs treatment equipment with good performance?

VOCs is a general term for volatile organic compounds under specific conditions. Volatile organic compounds mainly include non-methane total hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes, aromatic hydrocarbons), oxygen-containing organic compounds (aldehydes, ketones, ethers, etc.), halogenated hydrocarbons, nitrogen-containing compounds, sulfur-containing compounds, etc. In 2015, China’s total VOCs emissions reached 37.026 million tons, including 15.686 million tons of industrial VOCs. … Read more

Removal of hydrogen sulfide waste gas

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Industrial Processes

As humans’ awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, they have become more concerned about the quality of the surrounding living environment. In recent years, the H2S removal in industrial exhaust gas has attracted the attention of many petrochemical enterprises, and the H2S removal system has gradually been widely used. Why is H2S Removal Necessary? … Read more

Common Problems and Optimization Solutions for Sulphur Recovery Unit in Refinery

Sulphur recovery unit in refinery

Sulphur recovery unit in refinery has been widely used in recent years. In order to make tail gas emissions meet the emission standards, the Claus sulphur recovery process technology is constantly optimized and improved, and the trend toward high efficiency, quality, environmental protection, and the economy is gradually evolving. Claus process for sulfur recovery is … Read more

Ultra Low NOx Burner: Everything You Should Know

ultra low nox burner

With the ever-changing regulations in the energy field, operating a boiler gets much more complicated. You are allowed to use one thing today and tomorrow it will be banned. But while the regulations keep changing with time, there is one thing that is consistent with the boiler/furnace technology. The researchers are driving their work to … Read more

Low NOx Burner: An Introduction

low nox burner flame

Among the variety of industrial burners, the low NOx burner or low NOx boiler is basically utilized in the utility boilers to regenerate steam and electricity. These burners are said to be uniquely regenerative which modifies the fuel before the combustion process which then forms and burns the soot within the flame. “The increasing heat … Read more