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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Industrial Processes
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Removal of hydrogen sulfide waste gas

As humans’ awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, they have become more concerned about the quality of the surrounding living environment. In recent years, the H2S removal in industrial exhaust gas has attracted the attention of many petrochemical enterprises, and the H2S removal system has gradually been widely used. Why is H2S Removal Necessary?

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ultra low nox burner
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Ultra Low NOx Burner: Everything You Should Know

With the ever-changing regulations in the energy field, operating a boiler gets much more complicated. You are allowed to use one thing today and tomorrow it will be banned. But while the regulations keep changing with time, there is one thing that is consistent with the boiler/furnace technology. The researchers are driving their work to

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low nox burner flame
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Low NOx Burner: An Introduction

Among the variety of industrial burners, the low NOx burner or low NOx boiler is basically utilized in the utility boilers to regenerate steam and electricity. These burners are said to be uniquely regenerative which modifies the fuel before the combustion process which then forms and burns the soot within the flame. “The increasing heat

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Glass Plate Heat Exchanger
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Why We Need The Glass Plate Heat Exchanger?

What is the glass plate heat exchanger? The glass plate heat exchanger is equipment for air preheater in the petrochemical industry. REGLASS glass plate heat exchanger is a product developed by Luoyang Ruichang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. since 2012. The main structure of the product is made of heat-resistant glass. The outer frame is made

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IE EXPO China Exhibition Summary

The 20th IE EXPO was held in Shanghai, China from 15th to 17th, April. Ruichang attended this largest environmental-specific fair with the exhibition of products of REGLASS glass plate heat exchanger, sulfur recovery unit and low NOx process burner. Together with other suppliers, Ruichang was presenting the latest technological innovation as well as success stories

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Tail Gas Incinerator Burner
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How To Select Burner for Sulfur Recovery Unit?

The industrial burner is used to mix or send fuel and air into burning equipment like the furnace, make the most of fuel and meet the requirement of processing and operation. The burner for sulfur recovery unit mixes the acid gas or fuel gas with a certain content of air, burn the gas in the

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how to select low NOx burner
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How To Choose A Suitable Low Nox Burner?

A burner is a general term for a device that causes a mixture of fuel and air to be sprayed and burned in a proportional way. Low NOx burner is widely applied in the oil and refinery industry, it can obtain the best combustion parameters by adjusting the combustion air and the combustion head. Do

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