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largest combustion testing facility in Asia
The largest combustion testing centre in Asia

Technical strength

RC owns almost 100 technology patents, including 16 invention patents and self-designed low-NOx burners that can combust decentralized with staged combustion technology.

Our company participated in compiling the burner testing procedures in petrochemical tube furnaces, industrial burner‘s engineering technology qualifications in a petrochemical tube furnace and Technology standards for burner design and manufacture.

Cooperation with the colleges and universities

By cooperating with the China University of Petroleum, HUST, and Xi’an Jiaotong University, to develop the products, Ruichang has a semi-dry desulfurization testing platform, heat exchange testing platform, and laboratory of the catalytic cracking nozzle. 

We also own a large numerical simulation centre and several full-time fluid dynamics engineers. CFD is used in many products. Using software like Fluent & Solidworks to analyze all kinds of fluid fields.

CDF numerical simulation
CDF numerical simulation
largest combustion testing facility in Asia
The largest combustion testing centre in Asia

Strategic alliance with Honeywell

Ruichang cooperates with U.S. Honeywell and its holding company – UOP Callidus, adopting their advanced technologies. We’ve built the largest combustion testing centre in Asia in Luoyang which includes several experimental platforms for heating furnaces and one experimental platform for flare.

Based on the Strategic Alliance Agreement between Honeywell and Ruichang, we aim at providing solutions to improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce waste and emissions.

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