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No matter what you are looking for building or upgrading your oil refinery project, from the process burner to sulfur recovery unit, from FCC equipment to heat exchanger, Ruichang has your requirement covered.

Long gone with the suffering period of inquiring and comparing, embrace the new era of one-stop-shop oil refinery machinery.

China leading PETROLEUM Equipment Supplier

Process Burner

Ruichang manufactures both traditional and low NOx process burner for process furnace. By using staged combustion technology, the NOx emission can be controlled as low as 30ppm. Choose your reliable process burner with various flame shapes and flame directions. Such as flat shape, round shape, up flame, side flame, and down flame. Ruichang can be your trusted supplier recognized by the world-leading players, such as SINOPEC, PetroChina, etc.

Heat Exchanger

The innovative world-first glass plate heat exchanger, REGLASS®, which can improve the efficiency of your heating furnace by 3%-5%. It can be used as the pre-heater for low-temperature applications for petrochemical, chemical, and coal industry. Excellent acid dew point corrosion resistance is its best merit. You can also choose Ruichang’s traditional metal plate heat exchanger as the other effective and economic gas-gas heat exchange solution.

Sulfur Recovery Unit

The Claus process hasn’t been changed so much since it is invented and applied. But Ruichang never stops optimizing and perfecting. With more than 30 years of experience and the largest SRU project of 150,000 tons/year built, Ruichang is not only able to provide complete EPC solutions for SRU system but also provides top-quality equipment such as heat reactor furnace, burners, catalyzing reactor, waste heat boiler, and sulfur condenser.

FCC Equipment

Ruichang develops key equipment for FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) process. The burner for large CO incinerator ensures the CO emission level under 10 ppm. The low-pressure drop water-sealed tank reduces the drop pressure by 50% - 80%. The low-pressure drop auxiliary combustion chamber drops the pressure under 300Pa. The RT special compound ceramic wear nozzle is our patented product which is used by over 90% of the Chinese oil refineries.

REGLASS® Glass Plate Heat Exchanger

Innovative anti-corrosion low-temperature flue gas heat recovery system helps you to decrease the exhaust emission and increase the working efficiency significantly for your project.

Play the video to see how REGLASS® eliminates the emission completely in 10s.

You are with a good company

Ruichang’s good reputation is worldwide maintained. Our brand and products are trusted by the world leader and key players in the oil refinery industry and petrochemical industry.

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Ruichang is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates the department of R&D, manufacture, sales, and service, meaning that you will always get the factory direct sale deal instead of a margin gap from a trading company.

We are one of the few manufacturers to get ASME-U certificate, the fact suchlike guarantees the product quality. We believe the more you know us, the more you believe us.

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Manufacturing Capacity

Luoyang Ruichang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with an annual output of 3,000 process burners and the annual production capacity of other equipment is 400 tons, and the annual sales revenue is about 240 million RMB.

Ruichang mainly develops, designs, manufactures and sells refining and chemical combustion equipment, including burners, sulfur recovery unit, heat exchanger and FCC equipment. Ruichang has advanced burner thermal test equipment and cold test platform in the same industry in China, and also owns many national patents.

Ruichang factory manufacturing ability